25 Sep, 2017

Emotiv and Facebook – Creating one of the Largest Animations in History

25 Sep, 2017

We're not stranger to pushing the boundries.

The companies we work for stake their existence on innovation, and in turn, we’re always asked to come up with new and different ideas to support their new and different ideas. Facebook is one of the largest companies in the world and they got there by staying relevant through innovation and creativity. It’s how business works. It’s how marketing works. Create something awesome and people will notice.

When Facebook puts on a show, they like to make sure everyone notices. To achieve that they hired Benchmark Productions who then hired us. Benchmark is another group of individuals who are constantly pushing themselves far outside the comfort zone in order to produce some amazing shows. For Facebook’s 2017 Infra Summit, Benchmark came up with a stage comprised of 13 screens, nearly a football field in length and nearly 18,000 wide by 3,700 pixels tall.  By comparison, the HDTV shows you watched last night were most like 1920 by 1080, or roughly 2 megapixels in size. The total screen size for Facebook’s  Infra Summit would be nearly 67 megapixels –  by far one of the, (if not THE), largest animations ever attempted.

That’s when Benchmark turns to Emotiv to help bring their idea to life. Emotiv was tasked with branding the look and feel for the entire Infra Summit as well as graphic asset creation for booths, furniture, signage and video. The video side of the project alone required 25 separate animations – most of those spanning the main stage.

Using Adobe After Effects, Element 3D, Trapcode Particular, Plexus, and several other pieces of commercial software, Emotiv was able to create one of the most stunning displays of motion graphics ever attempted. The opening animation, which plays on the theme of teamwork and accomplishments, played to thousands of cheering attendees. The consensus among the conference go-ers was that it was a blast. One attendee posted, “The whole production [is] better than most concerts.”

You can see Emotiv’s opening animation for Infra Summit 2017 on Vimeo:

Emotiv is a visual design, graphic design company located in Canton, Ohio.


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